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The Environmental Aspect

At such a solar-water nexus Sol Clarity’s Electrodynamic Screen is the much-needed answer to unlock the full potential of solar, while preserving water. The EDS can not only decrease the operation and maintenance cost of solar, increasing the cost efficiency of solar, it can also facilitate the development of new solar in regions where it was not previously possible due to soiling challenges.

EDS™ meets UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Sol Clarity’s technology will allow for the continued development of solar technology as a primary energy source without this technology being limited by the social and economic impacts of the cost of water. This will further allow for solar infrastructure and dependency to grow in arid regions, which are often also some of the poorest regions of the world.


The EDS will help expand reliance on solar energy as a clean energy source, thereby mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing negative climate impacts both at a local community level and at a global scale.

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