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Dust Settles, We Don't.

At Sol Clarity, we envision a world where solar energy production does not require water or labor to clean solar panels of environmental dust. We are striving to unlock the full potential of solar power. 


Our mission is to advance the growth of solar energy and maximize renewable and sustainable electricity production with our environmentally conscious electrodynamic surface technology. 


Fundamentally, we are looking to avoid the resource conflicts that will develop over the growth of solar and the use of water for human sustenance. 


Our technology, the Electrodynamic Screen (EDS™) offers water-free, automated, non-contact cleaning involving no manual labor or moving parts, with just the flip of a switch using electric fields. 


We are a spin-off from Boston University, where the EDS™ has been researched and developed for over 12 years. This patented technology has been validated in simulated conditions with over 30 peer-reviewed papers. Third-party validation is underway through solar testing labs and in the field.


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Ryan Eriksen, PhD
CEO & Co-founder

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Marty_headshot (2).jpeg

Marty Dugan
  Head, Business Development

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Annie Bernard, PhD
CTO & Co-founder

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Frederick Moore
Mechanical Engineer

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Malav Sukhadia
Head, Growth & Finance

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Natalia Horvath
Marketing Associate

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mark_headshot (1).jpeg

Mark Horenstein
Technology Advisor

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Moneer Azzam
Market Advisor

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Shefali_headshot (1).jpeg

Shefali Patel

Startup Advisor


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sheri palazzo_headshot (1).jpeg

Sheri Palazzo

Project Advisor


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