Solving the problem of solar panel cleaning

In our current solar-water nexus, the Sol Clarity EDS™ can be the much needed answer to promote the growth of solar while still preserving water for human sustenance. The EDS offers water-free, on-demand, automated cleaning for solar panels involving no manual labor or moving parts, with just the flip of a switch !


Sol Clarity EDS™  is now in commercial development

The EDS has been under development at Boston University, and has now moved to Sol Clarity for final commercialization.

Video below illustrates the effect that the EDS has on surface dust and debris.

The Product: Sol Clarity EDS™

The EDS consists of rows of interdigitated, parallel electrodes that charge dust particles with static electricity and sweep them off the surface by a generated traveling electric wave.


The Value

  • A complete solution: In under 2 minutes of operation the EDS can remove over 90% of the dust, restoring and maintaining over 95% of the lost output power.

  • Cost savings: No labor, No maintenance

  • Environmental sustainability: Eliminate water use and water transport, and reduce the overall Carbon footprint

  • Power efficiency: Increase power generation (reduce loss from dust)

  • Faster and flexible: Clean any or each solar collector simultaneously


Benefits of EDS

  • Increase electrical yield - Dust decreases a solar plant's energy yield by more than 50% per year in arid countries

  • Save money - Current cleaning methods are cost-inefficient/money intensive for each cleaning cycle.

  • Save time - Instantly clean any or all of the panels in the system in under 2 minutes.

  • No water use - The (EDS) film is a water-free, “flip a switch” dust removal cleaning technology for solar panels.

  • No labor - It is fully automated and hence negates the need for labor reducing overall cleaning costs while boosting the output efficiency .

  • Patented - The patented technology has been validated in simulated conditions with over 30 peer reviewed papers. Third party validation is underway through solar testing labs around the world.