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Water-free Automated
Non-contact Solar Cleaning

Sol Clarity provides a transparent Electrodynamic Screen (EDS™) technology as overlays for solar panels. The EDS automatically removes dust and improves the energy yield/output power of solar panels without the need to wash the panels with water.

​Frequent dust storms and chronic dust-carrying winds are characteristic of the semi-arid and desert regions where solar power plants are typically installed, leading to the unavoidable situation wherein the surface of the solar collectors, both solar mirrors and photovoltaic (PV) panels, get covered by layers of dust. This soiling can impede energy production and output of solar panels. Current solar panel cleaning methods are cost-inefficient and money intensive for each cleaning cycle. Billions of liters of potable water are wasted to clean solar utility plants.


The EDS can avoid wasting potable water resources, reduce the need for human labor to clean solar panels, and allow solar plants to operate at maximum efficiency. 

Aerial view of hundreds solar energy modules or panels rows along the dry lands at Atacama

The Value

The EDS can remove over 90% of the dust on PV collectors, restoring over 95% of the lost output power in laboratory tests; thereby supporting the growth of solar energy production while saving over 14 billion liters of water per year.

Energy efficiency: Dust decreases a solar plant's energy yield by more than 50% per year in arid regions. The EDS increases power generation of solar collectors by reducing loss from dust. 


Environmental sustainability: The (EDS) film is a water-free, “flip a switch” dust removal cleaning technology for solar panels. It eliminates water use and water transport; thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint. 


Cost savings: Current cleaning methods are cost-inefficient and money intensive for each cleaning cycle. With the EDS, an automated technology, there is no labor and no maintenance required. 


Faster cleaning: Solar collectors installed with EDS can be cleaned simultaneously in under two minutes. 


The Benefits

Increased energy






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